Instructor Information:

Due to social distancing protocols and efforts to de-densify, the Disability Resource Center will not be able to proctor the same volume of in-person tests as in previous semesters.  For this reason, if you are able to accommodate students in another classroom or offer the test online, that would be preferable.  If this is not possible, we will still use the Student Portal to schedule tests.


Welcome to the Disability Resource Center Faculty Portal. You can use this portal to:

• View your student's accommodation letters.

• Review and provide information for your student's upcoming tests, midterm, or quizzes.

Please click the courses link in the menu in order to get started.

You will be required to login using information associated with your UNCW account.



  • Due to DRC's increased office traffic and testing numbers, faculty must upload all testing materials by noon 2 - business day prior to the test date.  If you are unable to do so, please select an alternate method (department will hand-deliver test, or student will pick-up hard copy from faculty and hand deliver). 
    • *NOTE: For security purposes DRC does not accept and will not print emailed tests.


  • Except when required for the accommodation, all uploaded tests are printed by DRC double-sided and stapled using white letter size (8.5x11) paper.